Why you should use Mccoy Fly Screens?

  • Enjoy fresh air in your home without the flies and mosquitoes: There is nothing like the feeling of opening up your home to a fresh breeze. Out with the stale air and in with the fresh! The feeling you get is certainly cleaner than you get from air conditioned or recycled air.
  • Energy Efficiency: Summers in India is all about pumping up fans and air conditioners. Certainly, it feels cool while they are on, but it's not "cool" when the electricity bills come in. By installing McCoy fly screens you can switch off those appliances and let the air circulate naturally, all the while saving you money on electricity bills.
  • Hygiene Kitchens are often a favorite place for nasty bugs to relocate to due to the warm environment and food options. By installing McCoy fly screens you are protecting your home and family from disease spreading bugs and insects.